Welcome to C. Richardson Counseling & Consulting, PLLC​​

C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting provides counseling, coaching and consulting services to help you achieve the success, stability, and peace that at times seems difficult to obtain.  I work consistently to help you “recognize your own potential”. 
Disputes, disability, indecisiveness, and confusion can disrupt your life and make it difficult to remain on track.  These occurrences are not scheduled, do not give warning signs, and are not biased to whom they affect.   At C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting I specialize in listening, identifying the root cause of the matter, while partnering with you to create a personal plan for you to achieve your potential.      
I am a professional who understands, encourages, and empowers individuals to make positive changes in their lives and careers. Give me a call and schedule an assessment today​​​​​​​​ (980) 999-3405!