Vocational Case Management​​​​​​
Job Analysis

  • Identifies essential functions of a job, including physical and mental demands, aptitudes, academic requirements, environmental factors, and other unique traits of the job.
  • Focus on returning the impaired worker to his or her job.
  • Determines if there is a match between an individual's capabilities and job requirements. 
  • Determines compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Job Development
At C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting, PLLC we promote and develop employment and on-the-job training opportunities for disadvantaged applicants. 
  • Assists employers in revising standards which exclude applicants from jobs. 
  • Demonstrates to employer’s effectiveness and profitability of employing chronically unemployed by identifying jobs that workers could perform. 
  • Establishes relationships with employers regarding problems, complaints, and progress of recently placed disadvantaged applicants and recommends corrective action. 
  • Assists employers in establishing wage scales commensurate with prevailing rates. 
  • Promotes, develops, and terminates on-the-job training program opportunities with employers and assists in writing contracts. 
  • Identifies need for and assists in development of auxiliary services to facilitate bringing disadvantaged applicants into job-ready status. 
  • Informs business, labor, and public about training programs through various media.  
  • May instruct applicants in resume writing, job search, and interviewing techniques.