Ticket To Work
C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting is an approved Employment Network Provider. When you and C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting agree to work together, we will help you with services and supports to get and keep a job.

For more information, please call (980) 999-3405.

We are not limited to a specific location. OUR SERVICES ARE PROVIDED NATIONWIDE.
What is Ticket to Work?
Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency (Ticket) program is a Federal program designed to provide Social Security disability beneficiaries the choices, opportunities and support they need to enter and maintain employment.
  • The Ticket to Work is a free and voluntary program that can help Social Security beneficiaries go to work, get a good job that may lead to a career, and become financially independent, all while they keep their Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Individuals who receive Social Security benefits because of a disability and are age 18 through 64 probably already qualify for the program.
  • The Ticket to Work Program is a good fit for people who want to improve the earning potential and are committed to preparing for long-term success in the workplace.
  • Ticket to Work offers beneficiaries with disabilities access to meaningful employment with the assistance of Ticket to Work employment service providers called employment networks.
  • It won't cost you anything. If you are working with an an Employment Network or State VR agency and you meet certain other requirements, we will not begin a medical review to decide if you are still disabled.

How we help you land a job we offer many solutions to helping you land the job that’s best suited for you:

  • Creation of Individual Work Plan - We are a group of experienced employment counselors who will help you put together a comprehensive roadmap that helps you find the career you desire.
  • Resume Development - The key to finding a job is having a well written resume. Allow us to help you put your best foot forward by developing a professional marketable resume.
  • Interview Preparation - Feel confident and prepared for interviews with help from our thorough mock interview process. We will help you answer the tough questions before you go on the interview so you will be prepared for the real thing.
  • Arrange Interviews w/Employers - Our team of knowledgeable and well connected Job Coaches find jobs in a variety of sectors and industries. We work hard to establish long lasting relationships in the business community to help accelerate your job search.

How we help you keep the job:

  • Clothing Referrals - If you are in need of work or interview attire, we have numerous neighborhood partners that we can refer you to.
  • Employment Coaching - When you enroll in C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting's Ticket-To-Work program you will now have a team of professionals ready to help you achieve your career goals. Overcoming barriers, removing obstacles, and achieving goals are what we do every day.