Individual Counseling
Learn to take back the power in your life and seek more enriching connections with those around you. Whether you are in crisis or simply ready for a change, individual therapy assists you in releasing the pain that keeps you stuck and rebuilding the confidence to live a full life.
Couples and Family Counseling
Relationships are hard work. Sometimes we get stuck in the same old interactions even when they are detrimental to our health and our relationships. Couples and family counseling allows you to step outside of the day to day struggles and begin addressing and forgiving past hurts as well as incorporating more connected and loving ways of being in relationship with others.
Group Counseling
Sometimes we need more than an hour a week talking about our struggles. Groups and intensives allow you the opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing similar pain. Connection has healing properties. Groups and intensives also allow more time to shut out the hustle of the world and focus on what you want to improve in your life.