As a Qualified Clinical Supervisor, I engage with Licensed Professional Counselor - Associates as they embark upon the counseling journey.  I partner with Supervisee's as a professional coach to educate, train and produce an adequately prepared Licensed Professional Counselor.       

LPC Supervision

As an LPC, I believe that it is my duty to give back and teach others as they grow in their own clinical practice. My approach is experiential and reflective. I try to provide tools, support and guidance that reflect the needs of each Licensed Professional Counselor - Associates.

CRC Supervision

As an CRC, I understand the challenges of transition from Graduate Student to Rehabilitation Professional.  In the world of Rehabilitation Counseling there is the option to work in public or private venues.  I’m happy to work with those who desire to transition into Private Rehabilitation Counseling.

Student Counselor Supervision

As an LPC and CRC, my desire is to help train Student Counselors during their Masters and Doctoral studies, prepare for not only graduation but for counseling as a profession.