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Preparation for you initial appointment

Please review the below  information for the appointment you have scheduled. 
What to Expect​​​​

Individual vocational evaluations will vary based on the issues being addressed.  Your client can expect to spend four to five hours at my office.  (I can accommodate a client requiring a split appointment). I recognize the unique situations of our clients and try to create an accepting and encouraging environment.

The attorney’s client attends an appointment for an interview and psychometric testing.  As the Forensic Vocational Consultant I analyze all of the available information, complete research and formulate an opinion on the client’s pre- and post-incident vocational potential.

A comprehensive report is provided to you, the attorney, summarizing information and my
opinion of the pre- and/or post-injury issues and probable vocational outcomes.
Required Information:

Please provide the following information relevant to your case:​
  • Historical medical records (Pre-injury)
    • Pre-existing impairments
  • Current medical records (related to injury)
    • Current medical treatment providers, course and intensity
    • Aggressive medical care/ surgeries
    • **MMI- Maximum Medical Improvement - the point during medical recovery in which additional improvement is not to be expected.**
    • List of medications
    • Future medical care needs and prognosis
    • Current impairments, limitations and restrictions  

  • Pre-existing psychological impairment
  • Psychological/ Psychiatric Evaluations (if available)
    • Treatment notes (if available)
    • Multi-axial diagnosis (if available)
    • Treatment plan and prognosis (if available)
    • Psychometric Data (psychological testing) may be included (if available)
    • Psychometric test results (if available)
      • Personality 
      • Mental Functioning (cognitive functioning testing) 
      • Clinical Pathology
    • Evaluation of Vocational Information
      • Academic records (Primary records depending on if the client was in any special education classes) 
      • College records ​​
    • Criminal records - any criminal justice systems involvement. **Criminal justice system involvement that may preclude the person from entering into or reentering a particular job field, also explains gaps in employment. ​​
    • Employment records include employment application for current job, earning records, 
      • Job search records - when someone has been in the job field and is able to Reenter the work field they may apply for unemployment, the records of the job searches should be collected as well.  ​
    • Military records - if any. The type of discharge can have bearings on the clients job options, provides info of any possible Pre existing conditions. ​
    • Tax records - base wage and a level of valid info related to the clients earnings. I.e., W-2's and 2 most recent  years of taxes returns. ​

I accept referrals for:
Marital Dissolution
Earning Capacity Evaluations
Workers Compensation Cases
Personal Injury Cases – Plaintiff and Defense
Disability Insurance Claims

Vocational Consultations:
Information for Attorneys

Vocational Consultations: Information for Clients/ Evaluees

​​​​What You Can Expect
What’s the purpose of this appointment?
I am an independent consultant evaluating pre- and post-injury vocational potential.  In plain English, I help the courts understand the impact of an injury on your work life.

If yours is a legal case, your appointment has been arranged either by your counsel or defence counsel?
You can expect to spend approximately four to five hours in my office, with opportunities for breaks (i.e., 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).  (Most clients/ evaluees complete the assessment in one day, but I can be flexible based on individual needs.)

Generally, appointments begin with an interview, followed by the completion of a battery of vocationally related tests.  My report is sent directly to the referring party, and you may request a copy of my report from your referring party. The report will focus on evaluatingthe impact of your injuries on your vocational potential and career goals.

Preparing for the Interview & Testing
As a Forensic Vocational Consultants I will review your vocational history in detail with you during your interview. If available, please provide me with a résumé (or work history) detailing your skill sets and experience.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Bring reading glasses (if needed).
  • Bring a snack and/or lunch (alternately, there are several food vendors nearby).
***Please note you can take breaks when necessary***

Counseling Appointments

Prior to your appointment contact your insurance company to determine coverage and the patients responsibility if any.  Bring the following to your intiital appointment:
  • Valid identification
  • Insurance card
  • Any applicable co- pays and/ or fees.
  • Please note Initial Counseling appaointments are now being offered on Fridays only

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