Forensic Vocational Consulting​​​​​​​​​

I provide vocational consulting and expert witness professional service to the legal, insurance and business communities, providing comprehensive, individualized vocational assessments.

I am experienced and well qualified to provide forensic expert witness services in the legal community in the areas of personal injury, workers compensation, marital dissolution, social security disability, and long-term disability.

Initially I perform a vocational evaluation which provides information about an individual’s skills, abilities and interests, and identifies possible career paths the individual could pursue. My vocational evaluations evaluate an individual’s pre- and post-injury vocational potential and residual earning capacity. 

At C. Richardson Counseling & Consulting, PLLC, an evaluation is usually conducted for individuals who have been injured and may need to consider a change in occupation or who may be entering or re-entering the workforce.


Forensic Vocational Services rendered:

Earning Capacity/ Wage Loss Analysis

An analysis of earning capacity determines within reason of rehabilitation probability an individuals capcity to develop educationally and vocationally prior to an injury and implicates representative earnings.

Long-Term Disability Evaluation

Services in this area are focused on a review of medical information, physical abilities, clinical intake interview and vocational damages evaluation (when appropriate) to provide opinions regarding employability and vocational potential.

Comprehensive Forensic Vocational Consulting Report

A report is generated based on an assessment of the individual, work history, vocational capcaity analysis, impact of disability, earnings capacity and future medical and rehabilitation needs and projected medical costs.

Veterans Affairs Disability Assessment

I provide a thorough vocational assessment for veterans who have multiple service connected disabling conditions.  This assessment includes past work analysis, the effect of the conditions, labor market surveys and occupational information.

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