Forensic Vocational Consulting​​​​​​
Vocational Evaluation​​​​​​​

Vocational testing allows quick insight into the injured worker and overall enhances the rehabilitation counseling process. Testing provides additional information with regards to current vocational functioning, such as ability to concentrate and stay on task. 
Standardized, formal tests are administered by a qualified counselor, with the following tests available:

  • Achievement 
  • Aptitude 
  • Intelligence 
  • Interest  

​Vocational Consulting

For those about to enter the labor market for the first time, seeking a job/career change, or returning to work after injury or illness, vocational counseling can provide the assistance you need to succeed. Services available include

  • Extensive vocational assessment and vocational interview.
  • Resume/cover letter development
  • Interview skills training. 
  • Job-seeking skills training
  • Vocational testing to identify strengths, weaknesses, and interests. 

You will receive a written plan that identifies your vocational/educational goals, vocational strengths and weaknesses (including how to ameliorate them), and strategies to enhance the likelihood of achieving a satisfying career.