Career Counseling
Career counseling is a service designed to help people find the right professional path. Clients of a career counselor may seek advice on their ongoing job search, perspective on a mid-career industry change or guidance on general professional development. It is the career counselor’s role to help you understand your options and evaluate challenging professional decisions. Career counselors also support professionals by providing resources, administering tests and recommending tactics for securing a great job.

Job Satisfaction is the key to productivity on the job; however, sometimes we become complacent and comfortable with our careers and lack the motivation to seek more. We provide career counseling at every level of career development. This service includes individual career counseling in person or online, career planning, career/job matching, career profiles, and more!
Counseling services focus on assisting individuals with addressing issues that impact their productivity on the job, work performance and more.
​​Career Counseling

For those about to enter the labor market for the first time, seeking a job/career change, or returning to work after injury or illness, vocational counseling can provide the assistance you need to succeed. Services available include:

  • Extensive career assessment and interview.
  • Resume/cover letter development.
  • Interview skills training. 
  • Job-seeking skills training. 
  • Testing to identify strengths, weaknesses, and interests. 

You will receive a written plan that identifies your career/ educational goals, career strengths and weaknesses (including how to ameliorate them), and strategies to enhance the likelihood of achieving a satisfying career.