Addictions Counseling
C. Richardson Counseling and Consulting, PLLC provides professional, confidential, and successful treatment models to help adolescents and adults whose lives have become complicated by alcohol and drug use. We provide the following services:
Assessment Screening

Substance use is devastating to the user and all those around them. Finding recovery through an appropriate program may make the difference in the individual starting their personal road to recovery. We conduct substance use assessments with all clients who present with symptoms related to a Substance Use Disorder. A Substance Use Assessment addresses the scope of a person’s alcohol or drug use, utilizing DSM 5 criteria. It is helpful in determining if the substance use has moved from experimental to a problem level requiring help. A person in addiction may not be able to fully see, understand, or accept their disease and an intervention (legal, medical, family) may be eminent.


Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to significant hardship and turmoil in the life of the user, as well as those close to them. However, with recovery counseling, much can be done to help them and their family return to a balance and “re-regulate” themselves and their relationships. With the appropriate counseling program, it is possible to not only reach sobriety, but to grow and lead a life healthier than ever imagined.


An intervention is an act of love and often is the first step toward recovery. Interventions are designed to prompt clear and honest thinking to motivate individuals with substance use problems to change the harmful behaviors that are negatively affecting their lives.